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Lawn Maintenance During the Winter

For some the title of this article might seem a bit counter-intuitive. After all, during the winter how much lawn maintenance can really be done, especially for those who live in areas where bitterly cold temperatures and snow are prevalent. Regardless of  what you might believe, there are in fact steps you can take during or immediately before the winter to ensure that your lawn will be able to bounce back resiliently in the spring. Turf is able to withstand a bit of abuse, and if you make sure the damage isn’t too great during the winter months it’ll return without conflict. However, many people use the winter as an excuse to not care for their lawns at all. This is a mistake. Minimize the amount of damage done during winter and you’ll be fine during the spring. Let the season take its toll, but don’t make the situation worse. Here are a few small things you can do to help your lawn get through the winter in one piece.

  • Cut Your Grass to the Appropriate Height: You’re probably not going to be cutting your lawn in the middle of winter, but before the snow and ice come out in full force you’ll want to give it one final trim. Here the details are extremely important. Cut your grass too short and the crown of the plants in your yard might become exposed. This can lead to them being damaged much more severely in the winter months than they would otherwise be. On the other hand, if you leave your grass too long it may smother itself during the winter as it is compacted by snow and ice. Overall, you’re going to want to cut it about .5-1 inch lower than you normally would. Doing this the last time you mow before winter is very important, but doing it twice before winter arrives is even better for the grass.
  • Clean Your Yard: You don’t have to go crazy cleaning every inch of your yard, but at least remove the larger items. Excessive debris, lawn items or even leaves can crush your grass as snow and ice are piled upon them. Some items can also rot beneath the snow, making effected spots a prime destination for mice and insects. A cursory cleaning can help prevent dead patches, as well as infestations. Once again, you’ll want to do this before winter takes hold.
  • Keep an Eye on Your Yard During the Winter: Mowing and cleaning are basically all you can do before winter begins, but it’s important to keep an eye on your yard even after that time has passed. Too much traffic over a certain area can effect it much more deeply during the winter, and too much ice can damage your turf. If you need to divert traffic to another area or chip away a bit of ice, do it without hesitation. Your lawn will be far better off as a result.