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Landscaping Without a Lawn

Agreeing to have and maintain a lawn is a bigger, more complex obligation than it frequently gets credit for being. Sure, you can go through your year essentially not paying much attention to your lawn and letting it do what it will, but if you do that it won’t look good, and if your lawn looks poor your home’s overall aesthetic power is great diminished as a result. So what if you want your home to look great but you don’t want to have to worry about maintaining a lawn? Or what if you don’t even really have a lawn in the first place but you’d still like to liven up your home with some plant life. Below are listed a few of the many ways you can effectively landscape the exterior of your home, no lawn necessary. Follow these steps and you’ll have all the benefits of a lawn without all of the difficult year-round maintenance and hassle.

  • Use Flowers Instead of Grass: We generally think of flowers as being much more demanding than grass, but that’s actually frequently not the case. Pick a plant which will naturally thrive in your environment, one which has the disposition to grow without effort in your climate, and the plant will do most of the work for you. You likely won’t even need pesticides or fertilizers, just a little watering now and then. You’ll likely have to water the plants often early in their lifespan, but once they’ve been established you’ll only have to water them once a week or so. Just make sure you purchase the right plants for your area. Consulting an expert is always a wise idea.
  • Look Into Artificial Grass: If you still want the look of a regular lawn but you don’t want to put in the effort to maintain it, artificial grass can be a great alternative. It looks and even feels virtually identical, and innovations in the industry continue to this day. With artificial grass you’ll have to do essentially no maintenance at all and you’ll get a fantastic looking lawn for your trouble.
  • Consider Hardscaping Your Lawn: Perhaps you don’t want to have to deal with anything living, or anything resembling anything living for that matter. Substituting flowers for grass can help, but those flowers still require some degree of maintenance. If you don’t want to both, consider building a rock garden or a brick path instead, or perhaps even a large patio. You could even install a pond. Any of these items can replace a traditional pond without forcing you to compromise aesthetic impact.