A Few Tips for Creating a Successful, Strong Garden Today

  • Know Your Soil Before You Treat It: Many people purchase fertilizer and other soil-enriching supplements without ever testing their soil to see what it actually requires. Your soil might already be full of helpful nutrients, it might be completely spent, or it may be ideal in some areas and deficient in others. You’ll never know until you test it. Too many nutrients can overload plants, weakening or even killing them. Too few nutrients and your plants won’t even have a chance. Get a soil test before you buy anything and you’ll be able to figure out precisely what your soil requires to successfully host the plant you’re looking to utilize. There’s no benefit to guessing and assuming. Sure, you might be right, but you might also be wrong. Why not be sure.
  • Use the Right Plants: There’s no bottom line right or wrong in terms of what you should and should not plant. Sure, some thrive better in certain climates, but beyond these obvious restrictions the sky’s basically the limit. However, not paying attention to those restrictions can severely limit your gardening capabilities. Take a look at your yard. Is there a lot of shade or does it engage directly with the sun? Is your soil rich or lacking? Does it contain sand or clay? How much irrigation water does the area receive. All of these questions, and more, can largely determine which plants you should and should not use. Other restrictions will be based upon your specific needs. What do you want from your garden? How do you want it to look? How hard do you want to have to work to maintain it? These questions are extremely important as well. Whatever you might require there is a plant out there to meet your needs. You just have to find it.
  • Use the Right Grass: A good, dependable bed of grass is the foundation of most lawns. Therefore, if you make an error in your grass selection the whole project will  be put in jeopardy. Pick a strong, resilient grass which grows well in your climate and under the specific realities of your lawn (location, type of soil, cover etc.). Pick the best type of grass possible, water it effectively, use the right kind of fertilizer and your lawn will be off to a fantastic start.

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