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How to Mow Your Lawn Effectively

  • Don’t Touch Your Clippings: Some people feel the need to clean up the grass clippings caused by mowing, thinking that it will make their yard look neater. While that might be the case, you really should consider leaving those grass clippings where they are. When they degrade they’ll make for pretty excellent fertilizer, filling your yard with nutrients. Allow the cycle to continue and it will carry on without your input or effort. In this case, that’s a good thing.
  • Sharpen Your Blades: You’ll want to keep the blades on your mower sharp. A lot of the damage you do to your grass will be accomplished through momentum alone, and blades which are fairly dull will probably still do a decent cutting job. The problem is that if your blades are dull you’ll need to spend more time on the yard overall. A sharp blade will cut through grass almost immediately, while a duller one will take longer to cut the same amount of grass. That means you’ll be burning up fuel, and fuel is costly. On the other hands, sharpening your blades costs nothing, or next to nothing anyway. It’s a good trade off indeed. Even if you’re using an electric mower there’s no reason to use up more electricity than necessary. Electricity might not be as expense as fuel, but it’s certainly expensive enough.
  • Avoid Rain: Be sure to check your local forecast before you mow. Rain can really put a damper on your entire operation. For one thing, heavy rain can change the shape of grass, causing it to dip down and making it far more difficult to cut. For another, it can turn the dirt in your yard to mud, making it much more challenging to traverse with a fairly heavy machine like a mower. Third, if grass is wet it will clump together and your chances or clogging up your mower will increase significantly. If there’s rain on the horizon, you need to make a decision. You’ll either need to hurry and get your mowing done before the rain arrives or wait a while until the rain has passed and your grass and lawn have had time to dry back into their natural state. The choice is yours. One thing is certain: mowing during the rain is not a good idea. Be sure to keep that, and these other tips, in mind.